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Grand Theft Auto IV

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nonton movie Grand Theft Auto IV
Title : Grand Theft Auto IV
Aktor/Aktris : Timothy Adams, Ryan Johnston, Joseph Barbara,
Sutradara :
Kategori : Drama, Comedy, Crime, Thriller, Action,
Tahun :
Imdb : 0802999


Niko Bellic, a European immigrant, arrives at Liberty City at the invitation of his cousin Roman, who advertised a fictitious lifestyle in America that included a mansion, exotic sport cars and beautiful promiscuous women. Upon his arrival Niko finds out that everything Roman told him via the Internet was a mere lie. In reality, his cousin runs a slummy taxi depot, thrives in a small one bedroom apartment and is constantly hindered by the presences of greedy debt collectors; and in this case scenario, Niko is Roman’s guardian angel. Niko mercilessly hoards away the loan-sharks while the evils of Liberty City begin to surround both of the Bellics, and ugly figures from Niko’s past begin to catch up with him. In a city where there is no such thing as peace and sincerity is rare and indistinguishable, Niko Bellic truly ponders the deeper meaning of the American Dream.



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